Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Exercise 2: Focus with a set aperture 2-3 photos

For this exercise I was asked to find a scene which has depth and, as the weather hasn't been the best, the fence in my garden was used to show this exercise.  My Nikon D90 was placed on a tripod and set to an angle that would show the panels running into the distance. I used a 50mm f/1.8 lense which would give me my largest aperture, 3 photos were taken each focused on somthing at a different distance.

Photo 1:
Near picket focus point

Photo 2:
Middle picket focus point

Photo 3:
Far picket focus point

From this exercise it is plain to see that the focus point draws your attention to the position of sharpness  and by changing the position of focus it changes the way, not only how the photo looks but also how it draws you into that photo. The first photo with it's front focus point seems to keep you focused in the left bottom corner and keeps you there. The second photo with its middle focus point,which I think is better than the first photo, keeps you focused on the centre of the image and I sort of scroll from front to back, not really knowing which way to look at it. The final photo with its rear focus point seems to draw me in to the photo giving it lots of depth and feeling to the image, personally this is my favourite focus point.

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