Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Exercise 1: Focal length and angle of view 1-3 photographs

In this exercise I was asked to point my camera at any scene. I chose a lovely area of Coalbrookdale then I had to look at the scene through the viewfinder and keep both eyes open. As my lens is a 18-105 F/3.5-5.6G I had to adjust the lens until the two images  (through the viewfinder and unaided) appear equal and once the images became equal I noted the focal length scale and it gave a reading of 50mm. This is what is known as the Standard. I then took a photograpth.

Photo 1: Standard view
  ISO 200 F/11-1/80s at 50mm
I know had to set my lens to its widest view which is 18mm, this made the object in my scene appear smaller to my unaided eye, I took a photograpth.

 Photo 2: Widest view
ISO 200 F/11-1/100s at 18mm
 My lens was now adjusted to its furthest telephoto setting which is 105mm, this made my object in my scene seem larger to my unaided eye. I took a photograpth

Photo 3: Telephoto view
ISO 200  F/11 - 1/80s at 105mm
These photograpths will now be printed onto A4 paper to do the next part of this exersise, results to follow.

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