Sunday, 14 August 2011

Exercise 3: Focus with different apertures 3 photos

For this exercise I had to find a similar subject as excercise 2, a scene that would show the results clearly.  I set up the scene at home utilising some pop bottles, I set my camera on it's tripod and used my 50mm F/1.8 prime lens. I had to take 3 photos the first at the widest aperture (F/1.8), the second at a mid point of the scale of apertures (F/8) and the third at the smallest aperture (F/22).
I focused on the closest bottle, I have used a red square to highlight the area of sharp focus in the image.

Photo 1:

                                                    ISO-200 F/1.8 - 1/250s at 50mm

Photo 2:

                                                    ISO-200 F/8 - 1/13s AT 50mm

Photo 3:

                                                    ISO-200 F/22 - 0.62s at 50mm

From performing this exercise I can see that the aperture can have a dramatic effect on my image. Using the widest aperture (F/1.8) it has given  a shallow depth of field with the background out of focus. This would be great for portraits, The mid point aperture (F/8) has given me a lot more of the image in focus but not all, this would be good for street photography, The smallest aperture (F/22) has given a deep depth of field with lots of detail from front to back of the image, all the image is in focus and would be great for landscapes.

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