Friday, 14 January 2011

Getting started.

Well my package from the OCA arrived yesterday, it was like having an early birthday present, I couldn't wait to get started on it. I decided to have a quick look at it yesterday and then start it today while it was quiet and the children were at school . I went through my check list to make sure it was all there, ticking them off one by one, the materials for the course were great and even included a notebook and  a pen! Bonus, I can never ever find a pen in my house. I have spent a good couple hours reading the Student handbook and typing my student profile to send to my tutor. Overall a good start, considering I was up 'til 3am trying to set up this blog.


  1. Welcome to the madness mate, the course is great and im sure you'll do well.

  2. Mike- looks good. Think I've lost my pen already.
    Hope you enjoy the course as much as I am.